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3. Liferay installation

Download Liferey 7.0 with installation with tomcat boundle for example you can use wget tool

wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/lportal/files/Liferay%20Portal/7.0.2%20GA3/liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.0-ga3-20160804222206210.zip

after download you can see zip in your current folder, type


to see zipped file


Install unzip tool

sudo apt install unzip

and unzip zip file

unzip liferay-ce-portal-tomcat-7.0-ga3-20160804222206210.zip

After uncompressing zip file you can enter liferay home folder

cd liferay-ce-portal-7.0-ga3

Create portal-ext.properties in liferey home folder

nano portal-ext.properties

add portal settings lines and ajust boleded text to your specific situation


admin.email.from.name=Foo Admin









## Redirect



# Set this property to "ip" or "domain" for the redirect security method. If

# set to "domain", the portal will only redirect users to domains listed in

# the property "redirect.url.domain.allowed". If set to "ip", the portal

# will only redirect to domains whose IP address resolve to an IP address

# listed in the property "redirect.url.ip.allowed".





# Input a list of comma delimited domains which the portal is allowed to

# redirect to. Input a blank list to allow any domain.




# Input a list of comma delimited IPs which the portal is allowed to

# redirect to. Input a blank list to allow any IP. SERVER_IP will be

# replaced with the IP of the host server.



Save it. This way you will say to liferay which database you are using and setup admin user.

Go to tomcat bin folder

cd tomcat-8.0.32/bin

Default installation of Liferay is setup for use 1G memory. Typical sever has much more so if you want to really us it edit the memory serttings before you start the Liferay server. You can edit the setenv.sh file

nano setenv.sh

and modify Xmx and MaxPermSize parameters for example

… -Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m”

Save it and start the server

sudo ./startup.sh

You can see how server is starting in log file, type

tail -f ../logs/catalina.out

The server will take some time depends of your server performace (30..2 min) and at the end you will see some like


Server startup in 177357 ms

You can enter ip adres in your browser to validate server installation. It will use port 8080 by default so you need to enter like


You can start first login by using user test@liferay.com with password test

Accept Terms of use and change default password.

Table of Contents

1. Components installation

2. MySQL installation

3. Liferay installation

4. Encrypting Tomcat Connections with Apache